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John and Jeannine

For John and Jeannine, working at Taco Bell was more than a job—they wouldn’t be celebrating their 25th  wedding anniversary without it! Both born and raised in St. Louis, MI, John hired Jeannine to work in a local Taco Bell. And the rest is history!     When John asked Jeannine what she wanted to do to celebrate their 25th anniversary, she said: “We met at Taco Bell. Why not renew our vows there in Las Vegas?”     Happy Wife = Happy Life! Surrounded by family and friends, John and Jeanine renewed their vows at the Taco Bell Cantina...

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Wen and Jin

For couple Wen and Jin, eloping at the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas was the perfect fit. They wanted their special day to be casual, happy and lots of fun. Looking at their wedding pictures prove that it was all of the above and more!     Wen and Jin are both from China, however they met thousands of miles away at their alma mater, University of Maryland - College Park. Aside from their love for Taco Bell, they wanted to be the first couple from China to wed in the Cantina’s chapel. Congrats guys, you did it. And...

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