Ali and Chris


Ali from Monticello, AR and Chris from Morrilton, AR became friends in college and it only took a few months for their friendship to turn into a romance. Fast forward five years later - they’ve officially become Mr. and Mrs. Fougerousse at the Taco Bell Flagship Las Vegas Cantina’s very own Chapel! When it came time to pick a wedding venue, the couple’s mutual love for Taco Bell (and Vegas), plus the convenience of having all of the arrangements handled by the Las Vegas Cantina, made Taco Bell’s Chapel a craveable choice.


Ali and Chris’s wedding day contained all of the best ingredients for the perfect adventure. They began their big day by riding the rollercoaster at a hotel on the Vegas Strip, had their wedding at the Taco Bell Chapel with their loved ones in attendance and ended the day ziplining on Fremont Street—all in their wedding attire.

“Just before the ceremony we both realized (as we were streaming live on Facebook) that we BOTH forgot the rings AND the marriage license,” Ali shared. This realization created a plot twist in their day’s adventure, but thankfully they were able to get everything they needed to proceed with the wedding!



Ali walked down the aisle with her sauce packet bouquet in her hands, smiling from ear to ear. Chris had a big smile to match as they gazed into each other’s eyes and exchanged their vows. After the duo said their “I Dos” surrounded by their closest family and friends, it was time to celebrate!


The celebration kicked off with crunchy tacos, Mountain Dew® Baja Blast™ Freezes and a Cinnabon Delights® cake. We learned Chris’s favorite Taco Bell menu item is the Chicken Quesadilla, while Ali prefers a #10 Cheesy Gordita Crunch combo with no lettuce, soft tacos and a Mountain Dew® Baja Blast™ (though a Mexican Pizza is a close second for her).


The couple’s favorite part of the wedding was seeing the other genuinely having so much fun through it all. When asked about advice for couples considering getting married at the Taco Bell Chapel, Ali said: “Absolutely do it! We had so much fun and our family and friends loved it as well. There's no stress over a big wedding and having to decide on food, cake, flowers and all that. Tacos, a Cinnabon Delights® cake and a hot sauce packet bouquet is way better anyway!”

 Chris shared: “Ever since the Taco Bell chapel opened, it was really the only option that was ever on the table. And there is nothing better than celebrating with tacos and Baja Blast™ with our closest friends and family!”


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