Couple Nicole and Nicolas have been Taco Bell fans long before they were married. Both from Midland, TX, the two met at a rock concert and dated for seven years before their engagement.

Due to Nicole’s mother’s health, the couple decided to take the route of a short engagement and looked to Las Vegas for venue shopping.

The Taco Bell Las Vegas Cantina, with its unique Chapel and overlooking view of the Strip had the couple sold because it was out of the norm of the “standard” Las Vegas Chapel, which Nicole found were too beige and boring to fit the couple’s personality.

Nicole grew up in a family of passionate gardeners, which played a huge role in the couple’s wedding. Nicole walked down the aisle in a watercolor floral overlaid dress with iridescent organza she made herself, while Nicolas wore matching floral pants with a bowtie and black shirt. The entire wedding party and guests rocked head-to-toe floral prints as well.

Upon reciting their taco-loving vows, the couple celebrated with crunchy tacos, Baja Blast™ Twisted Freezes, and their favorite menu items: Mexican Pizza, Doritos® Locos Tacos, and bean burritos with extra red sauce.

Nicolas and Nicole couldn’t be happier with a wedding they’ll be sure to rave about for years to come! While saying “I do” at the Taco Bell Las Vegas Cantina was memorable in and of itself, having their loved ones there was the icing on the Cinnabon Delights® cake.

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