John and Jeannine

For John and Jeannine, working at Taco Bell was more than a job—they wouldn’t be celebrating their 25th  wedding anniversary without it! Both born and raised in St. Louis, MI, John hired Jeannine to work in a local Taco Bell. And the rest is history!



When John asked Jeannine what she wanted to do to celebrate their 25th anniversary, she said: “We met at Taco Bell. Why not renew our vows there in Las Vegas?”



Happy Wife = Happy Life! Surrounded by family and friends, John and Jeanine renewed their vows at the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas. Aimlee Photography captured the joyous occasion perfectly—look at those smiles!



Like a Taco 12-pack, life’s biggest moments are best shared. John said his favorite part of their vow renewal ceremony was having two of their three children present.



The happy couple loves crunchy and soft tacos, but their Cinnabon Delight cake brought ear-to-ear grins to their faces. We’re feeling all of the warm and fuzzies from their sweet vow renewal celebration!



Whether this is the start of forever or celebrating a marriage milestone, the Taco Bell Chapel combines the best things in life: love and tacos.

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