Our Unique Chapel


By the looks of it, it’s past the serious stage and you look like you’re ready to go for it. So what’s the Taco Bell wedding chapel like, you might be asking? Well, it’s located on the second floor of the Taco Bell Cantina restaurant located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. So if you’ve always considered getting married in Vegas, and love Taco Bell more than anyone else you know - then it sounds like the Taco Bell Las Vegas Wedding Chapel could be the perfect wedding venue for you.

Let’s get into the logistics here so you can learn more about your future Vegas wedding. The ceremony is a half-hour and all coordinated and officiated by Taco Bell’s exclusive wedding partner, Flora Pop within as little as four hours time. That’s right. In just four hours you could be marrying the love of your life inside the second love of your life… Taco Bell. You get to have the best of both worlds when you get married at the Taco Bell Chapel in Las Vegas – saying “I Do” to your best friend and celebrating with tacos.

What’s that saying? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, unless you get married at the Taco Bell Wedding Chapel- then you’re going home with a lifelong partner. Which is completely worth it in our eyes.